Elliott Brood and Peter Thisell in Vanslag

Last Friday the Canadians of Elliot Brood came to Borger, a band that I’ve last seen a long long time ago. The first time in 2005 in a very small setting in a small, intimate café in Assen (De Witte Bal, where many of my musical roots lay) and then in 2008 at the Take Roots festival. Quite a few years have passed and a day after the guys played at the former church Paradiso in Amsterdam they now came to the Church-turned-venue of Borger: Vanslag, together with Swedish singer-songwriter Peter Thisell.

As the evenings get darker and darker, looking into the venue to the rear, I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful light that was cast on the walls through the church glass. This being the view at Vanslag from the stage I do envy the musicians on stage:

Peter Thisell played a set of beautiful Swedish Americana and brought an extra guitarist with him giving the songs that little extra edge.

(click image for full set)

Elliott Brood rocked. With the addition of pedalsteel guitarist Aaron Goldstein the sound grew even bigger. I was quite happy to recognize a few songs from their EP that I bought oh so many years ago. Good strong sound and a terrific concert.

(click image for full set)