Leendert and Cast Glass in the Synagog

Last Friday seemed like the start of the fall-season in concert land. Various venues in Groningen had gigs going on, Vanslag in Borger had a great act and in The highest region of the province of Groningen Richard Bolhuis of House of Cosy Cusions had an art-symbiosis mixing images and sound in ‘ Twijduuster’  in the town Kloosterburen. However I had planned on visiting my friends of wishfulmusic weeks before as they had another show in the Synagog of Groningen with two terrific acts.

I had to rush a bit to actually make it in time after the workday, however I say an interesting photo opportunity at the Tschumipaviljoen on my way to the Synagog that I could not let pass and a few moments later I arrived at the gorgeous Synagog.

Amsterdam musician Leendert would start the evening as his show would also be recorded and mixed to be sold immediately after the show. Leendert is a singer/songwriter and a parson’s son who writes poetic, lyrical songs that cut directly into the soul. Songs about his loss of religion, about prophets, beautiful lyrics in a melancholic scene.

(click image for full set)

Cast Glass -the second act of the evening- is quite a different musical experience: Art-pop. Their music uses lots of electronics, has loads of classical influences, beats and improvisations. A varied set of instruments, quadraphonic sound, great songs and a visual appealing set in a terrific location make this a superb concert. Very happy to see them with a full set as I had to rush it a bit when I saw them at the Cross-Linx festival earlier this year.

(click image for full set)

After the gig the mix of Leendert’s gig was done and having heard it a few times at home now I can honestly say that it is a fantastic mix. The sound is really good and if wishfulmusic continues these recordings I might end up with a good deal of wishfulmusic gigs at home. Great initiative.