Wende in Stadsschouwburg

Last year Wende released her latest album ‘Last Resistance’ and after coming to Vera with The Naked Sessions, visiting De Oosterpoort with The Berlin Sessions on may 3rd Wende came to Groningen again with The Theater Sessions visiting the Stadsschouwburg.

After the intense The Naked Sessions, the Berlin Sessions was a fantastic followup with a bigger sound and a terrific stylic stage. The Theater Sessions is actually a very logical next step. In the theater the atmosphere is grander and that perfectly fits the setup of the stage that was chosen for this tour.

The stage looks fantastic; a glimpse into a cinematic world. Fantastic designed lights on stage to set the mood in the songs, props being lowered and moved onto and off of the stage when needed and a huge see-through curtain that at various times is used to project huge versions of a dancing Wende.

And Wende is as fantastic as ever. Great voice and a gorgeous costume that emphasizes her perfectly controlled movements on stage. That with an engaging smile is all she needs to fully grabs the audiences attention. Loved every minute of the show!

(click image for full set)