Danny Vera and Taneytown in Vera

Last Thursday I decided to test my newly repaired roadbike wheel and had to pick up the pace as the round got a bit bigger then I had planned. Did a good round, rushed to the shower and then quickly drove to Groningen for Danny Vera’s gig in -appropriately- Vera.

As I arrived the opening act Taneytown (from Groningen) had already started and played a solid set of rootsrock, bit of Americana, dash of Southern Rock. Very nice.

(click image for full set)

Danny Vera’s gig was simply absolutely fantastic. He has the look just right, a great voice, lots of flair and humor a fantastic sounding guitar (the acoustic guitar is a piece of art by itself) and a rock-solid band. They can really rock it out and make songs sound very small.

They ended the regular set with a medley of The Doors, CCR and Bruce Springsteen. After that -as an encore- Danny made his way into the audience to play some songs fully unplugged (and without stagelights, I shot using the audiences smartphone LED’s) before getting on stage and rocking out with the band once more. Incredible show and a fantastic showman!

(click image for full set)