Mister & Mississippi and Emil Landman in De Oosterpoort

Well that’s a bit awkward… I went to see Mister and Mississippi in December last year and completely forgot to post the photos… Mea Culpa, but here’s the set anyway.

Emil Landman got to open for the band. Standing all alone on the stage with the audience way back in the venue, but he managed to draw in the audience closer and closer to the stage. However the audience stayed out of the light-circle that the big spot in the back cast on Emil. Good songs and some great stories between them.

(click image for full set)

Mister and Mississippi were terrific. Really really great! I’ve seem them a few of times now and I love how they’ve grown in such a short time. Musically they’re getting ever more adventurous, gorgeous harmonies, great build up of songs, simply a fantastic band. Had a great time.

(click image for full set)

So… feeling a bit of a git for forgetting to post earlier, but that then at least wraps up the list of 2013 concerts.