Benjamin Herman Quartet in De Oosterpoort

Benjamin Herman came to Groningen last Friday. Leaving the New Cool Collective to it’s own devices Benjamin is touring with a more pure-Jazz oriented quartet now.

With his band New Cool Collective it’s more of a party with influences of Latin and loads of swing and guaranteed to fill a venue. The Quartet is ever so slightly more serious Jazz and so I was happily surprised to see the venue filling out still. Even balcony seats were taken.

And whether it’s with NCC or with another outfit, gigs with Benjamin Herman are fun, playful and loaded with good vibes. Benjamin’s Quartet consists of fantastic musicians: Ernst Glerum on a very rare contra bass, Joost Patocka on drums and Miguel Rodriguez on piano.

At no point did the concert feel like “note scale jazz”, there was room for every musician to do his thing and they played some of “The Big Lebowski” soundtrack…

I love that the quartet played in such a way that however complicated the pieces were they played, they still easily make Jazz feel very accessible and fresh and enjoyable. Superb!

(click image for full set)