Amy Speace and Jens Lysdal in Vanslag

With the New Year’s receptions behind us, the New Year’s resolutions forgotten and everyone back at work it’s also high time to get back to seeing concerts and starting in the Vanslag stage with Amy Speace and Jens Lysdal was just the way to go.

The evening was set up in three sets. Jens Lysdal started the evening. Masterfull at the guitar, great songs and the instrumental songs and the ones sang in Swedish were amazing. Really good stuff!

(click image for full set)

After a short break Amy Speace started her set unplugged and a capella at the very edge of the stage. Breathtaking! Not only is Amy a fabulous singer with a truly terrific voice, she’s also a joy to see perform and brings a lot of humor and stories to the stage. Singing to her tourmanager, who -very romantically- happens to be standing on the balcony. It could have come straight from Shakespeare (however Amy was singing that she’d forgotten the lyrics to the song she was actually singing and the tourmanager read them back to her after he found them on the Internet :D).

But really, in between being interrupted by her own ringtone, stories about dragqueens empowering her onstage in her deeathscene as Juliette and other great stories, Amy was an absolute joy to hear and see. Loved the songs and the positive feed she was giving to the audience.

In the end Jens joined Amy back on stage for a few songs together. Just about the perfect way to kick of a new musical year.

(click image for full set)

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