Hugh Cornwell in Vanslag

Hugh Cornwell is of course best known being the singer/guitarist for the punk-groupĀ  The Stranglers, spawning that huge hit Golden Brown. However Hugh left the band in 1990 to perform as a solo artist and last Saturday he performed his acoustic sermon in the Vanslag church.

Hugh took us on a journey through the years of The Stranglers and his solo years, playing songs of every album and telling stories behind the songs and albums. How things were back in the day. Being flown in first class to Japan to approve a 3D-record design and staying there for an additional 3 weeks. Getting nearly thrown of the record label, delivering the enormous hit Golden Brown (liked by toddlers, teenagers and grannies alike) and running of to another laber the moment they lawyer found a little oversight in the contract. And then under pressure of the former label to deliver one more hit handing in the very first song they ever sent to EMI and that was then turned down but now turned into a hit (Strange Little Girl).

Working with different producers and facilitators, having to bring his own heaters to a recording studio. Great stories that wend hand in hand with great songs, one worked better in an acoustic setting then another, but in all I think he made a great selection of songs.

Golden Brown got transformed to a version that he did not too long ago when he envisioned the song being backed by a Mariachi band (but now without them of course).

The sound in the Vanslag venue was absolutely spot on, sounded fantastic, the location was magnificent. Hugh won some souls tonight with his very entertaining sermon.

(click image for full set)

After the gig a video was played of his new EP God is a Woman. It ehm…. makes Miley Cyrus sitting on her dumb wreckingball look quite innocent ;-)