Wende – The Berlin Sessions in De Oosterpoort

In April, shortly before the release of her new album Last Resistance, Wende came to Groningen to start a short clubtour called The Naked Sessions. A minimalistic show in Vera mixing Wende’s songwriting and voice with electronica and beats from the Trance scene and it was fantastic. Sold out venue and the combination of Wende and Vera worked! But now Wende is the second string of concerts, bigger this time: the Berlin sessions and she’s in the Oosterpoort venue for that gig.

Just like the Vera show there’s no opening act. The stage is filled with bright spots and on the rear of the stage is filled with fluorescent tube. A stage that looks like a small dance venue.

The show is fantastic. Wende‘s voice is simply phenomenal, with added electronics and a very dark sounding set of guitars and drums, the bright lights on the stage and the way Wende moves on stage, so controlled, so in sync with the music… it makes for a very intense show. Impressive from start to finish.

(click image for full set)

A third leg of the series has been announced and in May Wende will be back again, this time in the theater. My guess is that Wende really likes Groningen and needed an excuse to visit Vera, De Oosterpoort and the Stadsschouwburg. I for one really can’t wait for May.