Kat Men and The Sour Mash Trio in The Cluny

Having only just arrived in England, the best way to get acclimatized to the country is of course to start and see a band. So on the first evening in Engeland my lovely hosts took me to The Cluny in Newcastle Upon Tyne to see the Kat Men, a rockabilly band with members of Imelda May’s band and Slim Jim Phantom of the Stray Cats.

Opening for the Kat Men were The Sour Mash Trio, only they were a duo tonight, missing a guitarist. However as a duo they sounded fantastic too. the singer/guitarist had just the right amount of country twang in his voice and the acoustic setting worked really well. Great double bass and good songs!

(click image for full set)

The Kat Men consist of Darrel Higham -the guitarist of the Imelda May band- on guitar and main vocals, Al Gare -also Imelda May band- on bass and backing vocals and Stray Cats’ Slim Jim Phantom, or Cool Slim Jim, on drums and vocals.

Darrel has that same ringing voice as Elvis Presley and plays a mean guitarsolo. Rockabilly at it’s finest and the swinging of Slim Jim Phantom made the whole thing a joy to watch. Only with the audience consisting of quite a few dressed up rockabilly fans, I would have expected (and was hoping for) there to be some Rock’n’Roll dancing, that didn’t happen at all. Other than that: terrific gig and a superb way to start my vacation :)

(click image for full set)