Noorderzon August 21

Noorderzon is well underway and actually already halfway. This is also my first day of 4 weeks of vacation. Had a few things to take care of, but I absolutely wanted to attend today’s edition of Noorderzon. When I arrived I was astonished to see the enormous line of people waiting to get into the Ophelia tent, where the performance “Post Presents Post / Who’s the best?” was about to start.

Although that did make me quite curious, I did have other plans so I had to skip it. I first did a round over the area, halfway through the festival a couple of acts are replaced by other acts and it’s always nice to take in the scenes. Also it’s actually quite fun to watch the bedding-thing in the pond (see previous post).

But there was of course more music. I want over to De Werf stage where PopGroningen had an evening showcasing new talent from Groningen and I was able to catch a performance by Orange Skyline, a ‘postpunk-revival’ band. Influenced by bands like The Who, The Libertines and (just watch the singer…) Oasis! Fantastic band, great bunch of songs and a lot of fun to watch.

(click image for full set)

Did not have time to watch the following show by the also fantastic Meadowlake as I had tickets to go and see Avery Plains in the Vera container. The very same location where wishfulmusic had installed a livingroom last week, now is the stage for concerts organized by Vera and Lepel Concerts.

I’ve seen Avery Plains in a setup without drummer on Record Store Day and they kicked ass. Terrific concert then. Then I missed them on the Welcome to the Village concert, so I really wanted to see them now. Got there in time to get a seat front row and saw a fantastic gig, 4 acoustic guitars, piano, bass and drums. Loved the sound and the lights were very sparse and trippy. Greta effect.

(click image for full set)

With two great gigs in the bag I now faced the challenge to find a decent spot for the last concert at Het Dok:  Pokey LaFarge. People were already seated there when I arrived at the festival two hours earlier, so it was quite a challenge to find a spot now, but I did it. Waited for half an hour and then the gig started. Moved around a bit later to get a bit of variation in the photos though.

Loved the gig. Old school ragtime jump blues, jazzy and simply great music. No huge show needed. The atmosphere was great. The pond was filled with rubber boats, people around the pond were enjoying themselves, dancing and cheering. A dancefloor right before the stage might be the best thing for a Pokey LaFarge gig, but especially with a decently boat-filled pond I think the sight from the stage onto an audience such as this must be magnificent. Superb show.

(click image for full set)