Noorderzon August 17

I went back for my second day of Noorderzon on Saturday. Arrived well and early to just take in the atmosphere of the festival. Relax, see the sights and have a bit of fun. See people, eat a bit and oh… see awesome music of course!

The area of the Noorderplantsoen is pretty big and well laid out. Theres a whole area for the kids where they can make some art and fancy parachutes, a stand to press their own designed canvas bags and t-shirts, one of the ponds has floating relaxa-beds, where you can relax in über-hipster style, I ran into some the youngest set of festival reporters ever and a smooth talking bloke reeling the crowd in to see “the girl living in a fishbowl”. Big as the queue was, mr. Smooth was quite happy to work his charms at a few cute girls walking by. Most importantly (on par with good music) this festival also has a superb coffee stand selling great cappuccino and espresso. Every festival needs one of those! It was great to see queues at most of the acts and some of them even sold out for the whole day already.

However I also came for good music and I saw some fantastic bands again. I bought my ticket to Arnhem band Nausica well in time as tickets were running fast!

Having secured my ticket there I then went on to see a terrific band at the De Werf Stage: The Tightropes. A bluesrock-trio playing a terrific set of bluesrock. Mostly covers, but with the right feel to it. Loads of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix ant the like. Enjoyed that very much.

(click image for full set)

Then it was time to head to the wishfulmusic stage. I just missed the gig by Liz Lawrence and caught the ending through  the windows from the outside. Sounded great though. I figures I might as well wait a bit over there till Nausica started and once the container had been prepped for the gig, the audience got in. Found myself a spot front row in a sold-out gig.

The gig was terrific. Trip-hop/dreampop/experimental music that took us on a half-hour trip in a pink-lighted fluffy container. Trippy :) It was a fantastic concert and I can well believe their current quick rise to fame in the Netherlands. Would love to see a full gig of them on a bigger stage.

(click image for full set)

Leaving the wishfulmusic stage I went to the main stage on the park: Het Dok where the festival is ended every night with a free gig. Tonight Heartless Bastards playing a gorgeous set of country rock engorged with blues, soul and garage rock. Loved Erika Wennerstrom on vocals. Unfortunately -carrying my Fujifilm set- I did not have much zoom capabilities on my camera, but I did manage to get a few nice shot of the stage and the audience. Great way to end the second visit to this superb festival!

(click image for full set)