Mattanja Joy Bradley and The New Shining in Vera

Last week on Thursday Mattanja Joy Bradley came to Groningen with a new band for a ‘ radio 3FM Serious Talent tour’ and I just had to check that out. Also The New Shining -another 3FM Serious Talent- was to play the second part of the gig.

I’ve seen Mattanja Joy Bradley a couple of times so far, twice solo and one gig with her blues-based band Bradley’s Circus. However as blues is not a very popular style on public radio (and that’s putting a very positive spin on it) it’s Mattanja’s solo-work as a singer-songwriter that is the basis for this tour.

Mattanja participated in “The best singer/singwriter of the Netherlands” last year, made it to the finals (that was won by Douwe Bob) and now Mattanja is named a “3FM Serious Talent“, built a band around her songs and is touring with that. The fun thing was that I immediately recognized the guitar player in her band: Mischa den Haring! I’ve seen him in his band T-99 countless times and even once of twice as fill-in guitarist for the Cuban Heels. I love his guitar playing so seeing him in Mattanja’s band is a very good thing!

The concert was great. Mattanja seduces the audience like a true vamp on stage, has a terrific voice and really gives it all, helped with a couple of hits from her new album and the band (Huub van loon on keys, Mark van Bruggen on bass and Yori Olijslagers on drums) is terrific. Nice to see a rockier sound to the songs she’s played solo before. Superb gig and I hope they’ll hit Groningen again in not too much time.

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The second act of the evening was The New Shining, also a 3FM Serious Talent. And I could hear the potential: catchy pop driven songs with an underlying rough edge. Should do great on festivals with a lot of hit-potential, but for me it’s just a bit too much ‘ Nickelback’, too slick. Won’t stop them from doing well though I bet.

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