Dame Flux & Spinvis on Time Shift festival

Time Shift festival is an event that celebrates 100 years of inovation. On May 26 1913 “Le Sacre du Printemps” premiered in Paris. Back then a groundbreaking and shocking performance. Now a collaboration of art and performance institutes from Groningen have organized this festival with the intent to discover what in modern day art and performance can still be renewed.

For most of the festival I was on vacation and thus didn’t see much of it, but I was able to make it to the concert held on May 28th @ the “Grote Markt” square, where Dame Flux and Spinvis would perform, both of them on the artistic side of music.

Dame Flux I saw not too long before when she presented her new album “Champagne” in Vera and most of the concert on Time Shift followed the same flow. However Irene seemed more at ease now with the weight of an album presentation of her shoulders. This time however Dame Flux (which is of course Irene Wiersma and Corneel Canters) is helped out vocally by Florien Wie. The concert is a funny brightly coloured bit of joy. Irene’s voice is strugling a bit, but the hoarse voice adds ‘sexy’ to the mix. Great concert and nice to see Irene has no problem bringing her act to a main stage to a large crowd.

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I’ve always had a bit of a problem with Spinvis. On album mostly. I know it’s art and on a high level of renewing music, critics love the work, but the CD’s never really gripped me. Live it’s been a mix mostly. With band it’s great, solo never really worked for me. So I was happy to see Spinvis with the whole band on stage for the Time Shift festival and I’m happy to say I really liked it. A good mixture of songs old and new, good voice and the band looked like they were enjoying themselves.  Nice concert.

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