Livingroom concert in my own livingroom

Late 2012 a plan was hatched that I hadn’t thought possible a short while earlier. A livingroom concert in my very own livingroom. The months, weeks leading up to this very moment were filled with a different anxiety. Having the event combined with Record Store Day was a nice coincidence.

Late 2012 Chris van der Ploeg contacted me. As a member of Audiotransparent Chris also had some material of his own that he wanted to use and so he came up with the project “I Took Your Name” (after a song of the 1994 R.E.M. album Monster). He was looking for stages and living rooms to play and as he’s originally from Assen, it seemed a nice idea to also play a gig in Assen. However Assen does not have an organization like the Groningen based wishfulmusic, and so a bit boldly I suggested my own living room. It seemed a bit exciting to organize something like this for myself and hey… you never know, maybe this can be the start of a great new activity in Assen!

Chris came round and we talked thing over and set a date. Chris thought it might be a good idea to take his Audiotransparent-friend Gijs van Veldhuizen along, Gijs has started a band called Kendler with new material as well and that would be a nice setup for an evening of music in my house.

So next up was a few weeks of active plugging my event via as many ways as possible in the hopes of creating a Project X like hype. We didn’t get that far, but we did manage to get a nice audience in the house for a first gig.

Gijs and Chris alternately played sets of 4 songs and ended the evening playing a couple of songs together, drawing a bit from the Audiotransparent-library and some new songs. It being a small setting, they played unplugged (as if I had room for a full on big amp-setup), which added to a very fragile, intimate setting. I had a great time and I got the impression that both my guests and Chris and Gijs enjoyed themselves as well.

(click image for slideshow)

I also really enjoyed the part of hosting the concert and definitely plan to do that again sometime (soon?). I’ll look into the possibilities of that and will launch a brand new campaign once I have some new plans for that :)