Lindsey Stirling in De Oosterpoort

Looking at the upcoming concerts of the Oosterpoort venue¬†the description of a certain¬†Lindsey Stirling caught my eye: ” the first artist to convincingly combine classical violin with modern dance” and “using a unique combination of classical violin and electronic dubstep”. I couldn’t help but be intrigued. Also I was really hoping for her there would at least be a somewhat decent turn-up at the concert. Apearently I missed the part about her having millions of fans around the world and having made it to the quarter finals of ‘America’s Got Talent’, the place was packed! Only two concerts in the Netherlands and they’re both a huge success. So I needn’t have worried about that :-)

At some point during the concert Lindsey tells the audience how grateful she is to be doing this after everyone told her this kind of show would never work and now she’s actually touring the world with it and it shows: Lindsey beams a positive attitude from the moment she’s on stage. Together with her two bandmembers she puts on one heck of an act. The drummer and keyboard-player add a dimension to the concert. It makes the music much more dynamic and helps Lindsey as in that she’s not alone on stage and can interact with the band.

The music is fantastic. The band lays down a good solid beat and Lindsey shines in the spotlight, dancing and twirling all over the stage playing violin. There are lots of original songs, combined with covers (Michal Jackson’s Smooth Criminal, Rihana’s We Found Love) and Lindsey’s takes takes on music from The Lord Of The Rings filmscore, the Skyrim game and much more.

(click image for slideshow)

It’s fantastic to see that a girl like Lindsey can choose to follow her heart in music and be as successful with it as she is. Lindsey’s also an huge YouTube fan, posting lots and lots of videos to her clips, check ‘m out here! And check out a show if you ever get the change, you won’t be disappointed!