Kyteman Orchestra and New Cool Collective on Eurosonic Air

As luck would have it I was not about to get to see a lot of Eurosonic this year. Busy plans at work and on top of that I fell ill on Friday afternoon and that kept me away from the full Saturday planning as well. I did however finally get to see Kyteman Orchestra on the open Air stage (probably further aiding to my getting the flu) and the ever fabulous New Cool Collective.

Colin Benders -the brains behind Kyteman- disbanded his Hip-Hop orchestra after a year of touring, but last year he returned with a new formula: Kyteman Orchestra!. Combining his Hip-Hop band with a huge choir, the sound got a lot heavier. At times it’s more a classic orchestra, and sometimes it’s pure Hip-Hop and rap, all sewn neatly together by a terrific live band with a brass section, a string section keyboards, bass and pianos, drums, glockenspliel and a set of timpani. Really impressive! Great way to kick off the festival, cold as it was. The crowd loved it.

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Next up was my all time favourite jazz band New Cool Collective. Not as a big band this time, but as the tighter set, however one change was obvious: guitarist Anton Goudsmit was not present, he was replaced by Rory Ronde (or Kofi Anonymous). And it was good. A bit of fresh air so to speak. Also Rory is a lot easier to photograph, so no complaints here :) But music is where it counts and I loved it. Benjamin Herman and band were in fantastic form, had a great time.

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So short as it was this year, I did at least get to see two bands I really love. Didn’t get to discover any new bands as I’ve just recovered enough to get some work done on the photos.