Historical Motor GP Eext

Last year I went to my first historical race in Eext, a fantastic event in the town of Eext with a few days of training, demo-racing and some actual racing with old motorbikes and sidecar-motors. It’s an annual event and so I had to be there again this year, it’s a blast!

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t as good as it was last year and I endured a few heavy sets of rain. But that is soon forgotten when you see those magnificent old bikes racing through the streets of Eext. The organisation does a great job getting a variety of motorbike-classes and a few legendary racers to race at their circuit. Last year they hat the ‘White Giant’, the Dutch champion of champions Wil Hartog, this year they truly outdid themselves (for me at least) getting Carl ‘Foggy’ Fogarty aka King Carl on a Ducati bike on the circuit. A feast to see that man on a bike again.

As I said the weather was a bit of a spoilsport, causing the bikes to ride in a slower pace on the circuit and utterly soaking the visitors, but ignoring that, the organisation did a swell job and I’ll be back again next year (might be wearing boots then).

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