Of Monsters And Men at Noorderzon

I didn’t know the band (hardly ever listen to radio and can’t remember when I last actually watched MTV, does that even still exist?), but I do have my antennas out for interesting names and Of Monsters And Men raised a buzz. And so last night I -finally- went to Noorderzon.

I was already warned that I should come a bit early as it might get crowded. The band had just played the Lowlands festival and that always helps to get a big crowd. I had however not expected this much of a crowd so early.

Of Monsters And Men was programmed for the Dok-stage, a stage set at the pond with the crowd on either side of the pond. It was full, really full. And there were lots and lots of boats in the pond. Then it was a scorching hot weekend, so a little fun in the water was to be expected.

The band came on and stated that they had never had such a welcome before and with them overlooking the pond like that I’m inclined to believe them :) I loved the chemistry between band and crowd, the lovely songs that perfectly fitted the setting and very much enjoyed the concert.

The gig was great. Luckily the crowd knew the band way better then me and sung their hearts out. It was a great atmosphere. Even the weather held up as it started raining right after the gig. So all was in their favour. A tremendous gig!

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