wishfulmusic in Groningen

After my comments on the unfortunate lighting I had with the Ormonde gig at Groningen Museum Live, I was lured back to Groningen by wishfulmusic with the promise that the lights at the livingroom concert would be much better. And as I’d love to see Anna-Lynne and Ormonde again I didn’t need to think long about going back to Groningen one day later.

The wishfulmusic livingroom concerts are a fantastic concept. How much more intimately can you get to live music than to have it right there in the livingroom? You’re almost cheek to cheek with the musicians and the mood is very relaxed. There are only two problems for me as a photographer. In the first place as the gigs are played unplugged/non-amplified, shooting loads of photos with a DSLR is totally out of the question and secondly -very much unlike I was promised- the light was almost non-existent. But I take that on as a personal challenge. The evening had two acts. First of Charles Frail and secondly Ormonde.

Charles Frail is the name that Karel Ensing uses for his musical path. The first thing that stands out is his voice that has a hugely intriguing vibrato. He plays a selection of songs and parts of songs. I liked it a lot, it was definitely different.

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After a short break Anna-Lynne and Robert started their gig sitting in a corner of the livingroom, with the audience scattered in the livingroom. it was just fantastic to hear Ormonde again, the mood here was even more relaxed then it was in the museum (then again, that’s not too hard playing in the livingroom of a house instead of a venue). There was time for a bit of fun, some stories and of course that lovely music. It makes the lacking of light almost forgotten (almost, Wouter, almost!). A fantastic evening and with many thanks to the hostess.

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