Mark Lanegan in De Oosterpoort

It’s been nearly six years since I first (and last) saw Mark Lanegan, then as part of The Twilight Singers playing in Vera. A fantastic sound, but couldn’t much remember of Mark visually. He’s back in Groningen, this time with the Mark Lanegan Band, promoting his latest album Blues Funeral.

The Belgian stoner band Creature With The Atom Brain opened and actually started pretty early. The venue started to fill up nicely to the slow grooving sound of these Belgian Stoner-rockers. They were actually more melodic and less wall-of-sound then I remembered them. Great a set to prepare the audience to the main act.

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After a small resetting on the stage half of the band Creature With The Atom Brain was back on stage as part of Mark Lanegan’s band. The venue completely filled Mark Lanegan entered the stage right after the band. He set himself to the microphone and started the gig. He stoically worked through the setlist. Didn’t talk to the audience, didn’t glance at anyone. Not even the band. He’s in his own world, miles away from everyone. And that’s a bit of a shame, the sound was absolutely fantastic, Mark’s voice hypnotic, but his detachment from the world made it feel odd. That must be why I remember so little of him from the last gig.

The light was set extremely low, so it took a bit of puzzling to get a setting that worked, but as Mark didn’t more an inch from the mic, the shutterspeed could easily be lowered :-)

All in all a bit of an odd gig then. Fantastic sound, but not very exciting to watch.

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