Photobook and 500px

Here’s a small update to the upcoming photobook and a link to my online portfolio

After having scanned the most important negatives and working on those (you can find the link in the previous post), I’ve also finally decided to go for a full black&white book. Well… black&white-ish. I prefer to add in an ever so slight amount of brown to give it just that little bit extra. It’s a learning proces as some have had a bit too much, but overall I’m pretty pleases with the results.

I must say I’m pretty amazed at how some photos came out in black&white. I was afraid they’d rely on the colours in the photos too much to have the same effect in black&white, but actually a lot of them came out even stronger.

All photos have been copied to my iPad so I can browse through them and choose which photos must stay and which will be deleted. It’s getting there. Also I’m looking into where I’m to actually make the book. Not all the book-making software offers what I want and I’m also still thinking about the desired size. Probably that will be around 20×30.

Once the amount of photos has been brought down enough I’ll run through the whole set again to get the colours right on all photos and then I’ll actually get to work on the book. It’s getting closer now :)

Also I wanted to announce my ‘official’ portfolio. I’ve started an account at 500px. Here I uploaded a bunch of the black&white conversions of the photos that will go into the book for sure. I’ll probably also upload some colour photos later on, but for now I’m keeping to black&white.Really love the effect of that. Over on the left side of the menu you can find the link to my portfolio, but you can also view the photos via this link.

Only a few more days to Eurosonic, finally getting out the camera-gear again!