Old photos

On April 14 2011 I had my official 10 year anniversary in concert photography and I wanted to mark that occasion with a book of photos over that period. However I got completely stuck in ideas about layout. As 2011 was about to end, I picked up the original idea again and got back to thinning the selection of photos for the book.

Jeff Beck at the Melkweg in Amsterdam

As analogue photography has played an important part in my ‘career’ as photographer, I intend to have a decent selection of photos from that period in the book. Based on the selection of artists I’ve already chosen for the book, I only had to rescan the photos that I needed. However, that meant going through 4 maps filled to the brim with negatives. Hundreds strips of negatives, thousands of photos. Occasionally finding some photos that on a second glance also deserving a chance.

Dilana Smith at Cafe Vagant in Balkbrug, my first successful concert photos

So I scanned more than I intended, found fantastic photos and memories about them. Some photos turned out not half as good as I remembered them, others far better. I thought I might as well upload a selection to the site. Click any of the images here to go to the Flickr gallery with the photos.

Ana Popovic at De Lantaarn in Hellendoorn

I might add some more photos from my early days later, but for now I’m going to work on the book and see that that gets done, before I can make it into a 15-year book ;)

Chris Robinson at De Lantaarn in Hellendoorn