Renske Taminiau and Zaza in Simplon

I really have Inge van Calkar/Zaza to thank for this great extra concert as she invited me after the photos I took of her at Schradinova’s gig. Back to Groningen again for a great night of music.

I recently saw Inge/Zaza when she was opening for Schradinova in Vera. A great gig and nice to finally have seen Inge on stage. Last Friday jazz-singer Renske Taminiau played in Simplon and Inge would open again and she was nice enough to invite me to the gig.

Tonight Inge performed on her own. Just her and a guitar. Fresh, spunky and witty. It was a great gig again and I was glad she included Where Do We Go as I’ve now also heard that live. It was very nice to have seen Inge again. Quite a few songs seem to be based on former boyfriends though, that’s a bit worrying ;)

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Renske Taminiau sings jazz in the same area as Schradinova. So no all too freaky solo’s, but a swinging, groovy gig with a good basis in drums and bass (incidentally the same bass-player that also plays in Schradinova) and added to that a great guitarist, a saxophone & clarinet player and a fair amount of keyboards.

Renske herself switches between ukulele, a drum and keyboard, but mainly and centrally she sings of course. She is also responsible for the backing videos that help set the mood for the various songs.

Even though the venue wasn’t filled as much as Renske and her band deserved to have, they did get a great atmosphere going and handing out apples at the end of the gig was a great move (nearly killing half the audience getting the apples to them however…). Had a great time again and I hope I can catch Renske and band with a bit more light next time.

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