Mattanja Joy Bradley in Camping Roodehaan

After two weeks of shooting concerts in Groningen with everything from loud Hardrock to the most quiet Lo-fi music, it was nice to end the cycle with a gorgeous singer/songwriter concert in Roodehaan. So Alex Akela’s invitation to come see him support Mattanja Joy Bradley in Warfhuizen was a very welcome one.

I met Alex a few years ago as a talented musician that plays with Vanessa Peters whenever she’s over here. Tonight he’d help out Mattanja on violin, mandoline, dobro and guitar. Just depending on what the song called for with Mattanja on guitar and vocals.

Mattanja is also known as the lead singer of the rootsy blues outfit Bradley’s Circus and has two Dutch Blues Awards nominations this year for best band and best vocalist. More then enough reasons to check out the gig. So I was of to Warfhuizen where Camping Roodehaan is set. A great little restaurant that also arranges live music and where I’ve met my fair share of small stages with terrible light-setup in my carrier, this was awesome. More light even then I’m used to.

The gig was great. Mattanja and Alex played two sets with a good dose of blues and a dash of jazz. Mattanja filled the gaps with fantastic stories about how she ended up opening for Amy Winehouse on a Caribbean Jazz festival or how she ended up in jail trying to get through customs in the states. Very enjoyable.

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