New Cool Collective in De Oosterpoort

New Cool Collective is celebrating it’s eighteen’s year of existence, have just released the album Eighteen and are touring and promoting that album now.

It is always a pleasure seeing NCC perform, these guys have such an amazing group-synergy and it’s impossible not to groove out on their gigs. No matter if they tour as a big band (with a huge brass-section) or -like last night- in a smaller outfit (still an impressive octet), the fun and mutual respect makes the band perform on an amazing level with great gigs as a result.

The atmosphere in the venue was great! It felt like the band could go on forever, but unfortunately as with all gigs this one too had to end. But what an end: they spiced up the funeral march. When I get laid to rest, I want this to be my funeral-music! Loved it.

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