I’ve been making some ‘Virtual panoramas’ for a short while now, posting the results on my secondary website. And though I love creating these virtual scenes, the disadvantage of these panoramas however is that they can only be seen online. You can’t print them or hang them on the wall. And I wanted to do something more with the photos I had. A stand on an art-fair a short while ago sparked an idea: Hyperbolics. I had already played with this idea a little bit with an image of the square in Groningen, but I can do so much more with the images I already have.

A hyperbolic photo is a “Stereographic Projection” output-format for panorama photos. It gives the illusion of a very small world. You can box this image (like I did with the Groningen square) or you can have a little fun with the placing/formatting of the output. Depending on the subject you shoot (many or only a few high object in the image) it can give the final result a very unique form. Also the sky (cloudy or not) will change the appearance of the final image.

I have a few images ready now and will add more as I make more panoramas in the future. In the current set you’ll find a few photos I took on my vacation in Rome and for the rest photo’s I took in Rotterdam and  Groningen and Assen

(click image for slideshow)