Viva Italia @ TT Circuit in Assen

On September 4 the anual Viva italia day was held at the TT Circuit of Assen, hosting a great variety of Italian cars. Everything from the lovely Fiat 500’s to the outworldish Lamborghini’s. As long as the weather’s good, it’s a great chance to see some beautiful and some ridiculous cars as only the Italian can design.

Unfortunately I was still cycling on my racing bike when a huge amount of Fiat 500’s came in the other direction. Not much chance of seeing them at the circuit then. I have never seen so many 500’s passing my by as I did yesterday.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances with my bike I got to the circuit a little later than I liked, but… driving Alfa Romeo got me into the paddock, that was rather nice :)

I really hoped to shoot a few panorama photos of these lush cars, set up in small groups, but like I said, I got there a bit too late and lots of cars were already heading home. I was however able to get at least one panorama photos amidst a set of parked Ferrari’s. You can see that photo here.

Besides the panorama photo I also tried to get some photos of the Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s and (of course) Alfa Romeo’s. Unfortunately no lovely old Fiats then nor any Maserati’s.

(click image for slideshow)