A vacation to Rome

What do you do when the weather’s a bit depressing and when you’ve seen about all you want to see in you’re own living area. When you need to get out? You go on holiday!

So I’ve been to Rome for my holiday and therefore there hasn’t been much going on in music-photography right now (also it’s festival season, so not many concerts anyway).

Currently I’m steadily working on my photos of Rome and will upload photos to my Flickr account. I made a ‘Rome 2011’ set for them and as more photos are finished, I’ll add them to that set. Had a really good time in Rome and was very much impressed by the history and architecture over there (not to mention the weather and some of the the Italians ;-)). Also worked hard on creating some detailed panorama photos overseeing Rome and I’m very happy with the first results of that.

(click image for full set)

In a follow-up to my earlier post, I went on holiday on my own, but lugging a combination of a Hasselblad 501C, a Fujy Finepix X100 and a Canon EOS 5DmkII with 15mm, 16-35mm and 70-200mm and a tripod with me. That, trust me, is overkill. best idea (live and learn) is to walk around with one camera (two tops) and save up one day in planning to get the final shots. Especially the panorma photos once you know what you want and where you want to take them.  And a lightmeter if you shoot film! Using the 5DmkTT with the 16-35mm as lightmeter for my Hasselblad is far from ideal! But hey; there’ll be more holidays and next time I’ll be better prepared ;-)

I also have a few ‘virtual panorama’ photos, shots where you can look around as though you were standing where I was during the shot. They’re composed out of 18 photos making an 360 degree circular photo. Top and bottom in most photos are missing, they are made out of extra photos and with lots of people on the move it’s difficult to get a fitting shot. Here are the panoramas:

The Spanish Steps
The Colosseum
The Vatican
The Vatican by night

You can look left, right upwards and downwards and zoom in and out.