Help! Gearhead going on holiday

I love my Canon gear, I really do! But there are time I envy those with a compact camera, or with a DSLR with a 18-200mm all-in-one lens. When they go on holiday the choice in camera(s) is pretty clear: they take what they have. Simple as that and no reason to second guess your choice.

However if -like me- you’re a bit of a overenthusiastic gear collector, you’ll have to make choices. What to bring? What do I leave at home? And won’t I feel a it guilty for the gear I leave behind (I admit, I’m probably beyond the point or rescue).

The Fuji X100 is absolutely coming with me as I got if especially for the vacation. The Hasselblad is definitely also coming with me, I’ve spent enough time and money on it to get that darn thing to work so I want to take some medium format shots home with me too.

Now I also want to make some panorama photos in Rome, so a tripod and my Nodal Ninja 3 is a given. It also means I’ll bring the Canon EOS 5DmkII and a 15mm lens. And the 50mm f/1.4 lens is fairly certain too, as it’s a good second choice for panorama photography and a pretty lens. So that’s a start for the set.

I also believe I’ll take the image stabilised 100mm macro lens. It’s a good tele lens and offers great macro. But then the guessing part starts. Shouldn’t I also take the 16-35mm lens? It’s a good wide-angle lens without the distortion that the 15mm adds to images. The lens would offer me zoom-capabilities in a wide-angle area. And what about the 24-70mm lens, for the regular photos? Or wil the 50mm and 100mm + foot zoom cover that?

And for tele… I really love my 70-200mm lens, but for walking around with all that gear it’s a bit heavy. And the 100-400mm would be awesome for the longer distances, but isn’t it a bit ridiculous to bring that also? Now if I plan to go to any gigs and take photos there (kind of a working vacation) than I gotta have my 70-200 with me as I’d feel naked without it at a concert.

And I’m also thinking will the 5DmkII be enough, or would the 1D be a good addition? No, I think that might be a bit too much.

Luckily I still have a few days to make up my mind, but I’m going nuts deciding what to take and what to leave behind. It’s like I said; at times like this I really envy those with a compact.

But no worries, I’ll enjoy myself on holiday whatever gear I’ll bring and it won’t be about photos only. I’ll look about about without cameras too, I promise :-)