Marike Jager and Anton Walgrave in De Oosterpoort

Last night Marike Jager came to Groningen with her clubtour promoting her latest album ‘Here comes the Night’. Marike has become quite the celebrity over here in the past few years presenting festivals on TV and becoming a regular guest on a daily Dutch TV show, but luckily she’s still mainly an amazing musician with her third album proving just that.

Opening for Marike was Belgian Singer-Songwriter Anton Walgrave, announced by Marike herself and he was quite a surprise. I had never heard of Anton before, but he was really, really good. With only an acoustic guitar and some foot pedals triggering beats and loops he managed to create quite a sound. Hoping to hear a lot more about him.

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A short while later Marike, joint by Henk Jan Heuvelink¬† on Wurlitzer and Fender Rhodes Bass and Nicky Hustinx on drums, started a fantastic gig. You just can’t help but fall for Marike’s charms, she’s great on stage. The concert was quite different from previous gigs though. This was louder, grittier. A large portion of rock was added to the mix and it was great. Old songs somewhat rewritten, new songs fit perfectly and a wild lightshow to finish it of.

Of course there was also plenty of room for more quite songs, bringing down the pace in the concert. The titlesong of her latest album -Here Comes The Night- was a great mix of psychedelic, weird slow parts and full-on-rock, a great way to end the show (that is, before the encores of course). A new, more daring side of Marike and it’s good!

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