Superbike @ TT-Circuit Assen

This weekend the Superbike races are held at the TT-Circuit of Assen and then there are 2 days of practice and qualifying that precede it. I went to see the Friday free practice sessions.

The day was lovely. Sunny, warm and I had the day off. Made my way to the circuit at around 10:30 to I’d bee in time for the first practice session of around 11:30. Got there in the nick of time and saw the first session at “De Stekkenwal” and “De Bult”. Especially “De Bult” is slow corner where the racers swing over to the audience and so it’s a great place to get some nice images of the individual bikes and there already were a good 20 photographers working there. Really funny to see 20 cameras with lenses all turn in the same way every time a bike rides past. My first shots were from “De Stekkenwal”, with has a nice corner to get some bikes together and to get them as they speed up on their way to “De Bult”.

The odd thing about “De Bult” is that there are photographers that get there early and will defend their spot and line-of-sight to the death right up until the very last motorcycle of the day rode past. Personally I like to shoot from various places to get more of an idea of the race (or practice in this case).

Between the two practice sessions of the Superbike practice sessions were qualifying sessions for Supersport and Superstock and I’d like to say I shot phenomenal photos there (and I did!) but

But my Canon 1D mkIII had two memory-card slots and as I prepared for the second hour of Superbike and formatted the card I suddenly realized I formatted the wrong card and all of the photos of the qualifying sessions were lost. In all my years of digital photography I’ve never done anything as stupid at that, but there you go: I’m not infallible, who knew? (not even recovery software was able to rescue my lost photos so you’ll have to take my word on how incredibly good these images were :))

For the second session of Superbike practice I was at the “Geert Timmer” or GT corner, near the finish. I was able to get some nice images of the bikes diving into the GT corner and getting out of it again. Tried some different types of framing. Not all of them worked out as good as I had imagined, but a few lookt quite nice I think. Anyway, here is the set. Got over a 1000 images down to little over 250 and edited a good 80 of them and posted 33 for the final batch. Enjoy

(click image for slideshow)