Vanessa Peters in ‘t Keerpunt

It’s been only four years since Vanessa Peters first toured the Netherlands. A suitcase, a backpack and a guitar and racing all over the Netherlands in public transport with Alex Akela supporting on bass, mandolin and violin. That was also the year that inspired ‘Drowning in Amsterdam’ as it rained for the whole duration she was here.

Things have gone very fast and very well for Vanessa. Listed as one of the top Singer/Songwriters in Texas four years later Vanessa has already had quite a few tours in the Netherlands. Always with Alex Akela and most of the times with guitarist Manuel Schicchi form her Italian backingband Ice Cream on Mondays. So it was a bit of a surprise to see her tour announcement introducing Joe Reyes as the guitarist besides Alex for this tour. But luckily, as it turns out, Joe’s a gifted musician. Gives a bit of a different view to the songs.

The location the concert was held at was great too. Haven’t been to ‘t Keerpunt in quite a while, but the atmosphere there is great. Also the backdrop to the ‘stage’ is very homely and it’s actually nice to not have a black backdrop for a change. The concert was played in two sets, finishing up with an encore where the soundman joined the band on stage playing harmonica to The Traveling Wilburys’ Handle With Care

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As usual I had a great time and it was nice catching up with Vanessa and Alex again.