UCI Track Cycling World Championships

Having barely finished my photos of Faithless I didn’t have time to rest, in Apeldoorn the UCI World Championships Track Racing are held. Packing the camerabag for sports photography, in the car and off to Apeldoorn to the beautiful Omnisport complex. The building is quite a sight from the outside, but the real action is inside of course. The last time these World Championships were held in the Netherlands was back in 1979 and I was a little too young to shoot photo’s there then, so this was a chance I was going to grab with both hands.

I arrived in the afternoon, the event had already started, but I was still in time to see the qualifying of the women’s sprint and 1/16’s final and the 30KM men’s Omnium points race.

From 17:00 to 18:30 there was a pause and when the races continued at 18:30, seats of the Omnium were well filled, there was a huge crowd to cheer the cyclists on and they came from all over the world. That was really really great to see and hear. The races were spectacular and very exciting.

I shot loads and loads of photos. Partly to test different settings, but also as the cyclists race past you at 60 to 75km/h and a lot of photos simply fail because of that. Still I think I have a decent set of photos. I’ve divided them in three sets:

Men’s Omnium and PointsRace

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Women’s Sprint & Individual Pursuit

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Men’s Sprint

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It was a great experience and I hope to do some more of it. I’ll gladly drive back to Apeldoorn, the complex is really nice and I loved the races.