Faithless in Martiniplaza

Faithless is on a farewell tour and came to Groningen to say Goodbye and Thank you to the fans from the North of the Netherlands (did see quite a few people from all over Europe too). With the size of the crowd the Martiniplaza was the perfect place to hold this gig.Myself I’ve never been a huge fan of Dance and House, but some bands have that special thing that really make it work. Seeing Faithless live is one of those things that  has reached almost a mythical status. “You must have been there to get it”, crowd-synergy, Amazing live-act. So far I’ve never done it, and with this being the last tour this was the one and only change I was going to get. Luckily the folks of Pias and Oosterpoort helped along and I got my photopass (thank you Theo). A photo barrier helped to get some photos from different angles.

Before Faithless would start, the event was opened by Rimer London. As I’m more of a bands-enthusiast myself, I’m afraid it didn’t do much for me. Also having CataPirata on stage after the three-song-photography period didn’t help for very inspiring photos (really would have liked to update my CataPirate photos)

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After Rimer London’s set the photographers were asked to gather at the merch stand and like an army with lenses at the ready, we marched to the photopit for the Faithless gig. Light at the first song was very red and I started to worry a bit, but luckily that changed during the next two songs. After the gig we were escorted to the balcony where we were allowed to shoot a bit more as long as we didn’t bother the audience. What? Really?? That’s just awesome. A great spot for some shots of band and audience, capture the lightshow and enjoy the gig. Really really well arranged.

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And the gig? Well that was absolutely awesome. Didn’t know all the tracks of course, but the hits were played and some stuff from the latest album I think. The crowd was an amazing thing to see. Maybe it’s a common dance/house thing, but for me it was fantastic to see the whole floor jump and swing their arms as one, swept on by the hypnotic sound of Faithless. Really a shame to have only discovered Faithless at one of their last gigs. Alas, such is life. At least it did change my view to Dance a bit (still won’t be going to any House party’s soon though ;))