World Championship Ice-Speedway 2011 in Assen

Early in March, at the end of the Ice-skating season the track is handed over to those daredevils on motorbikes and tires with huge spikes and the Ice-Speedway truly finishes of the track in the days to come.

Just like last year I went to the event on Friday together with my dad, however there are also races on Saturday and Sunday. Arriving at the track, it was clear we weren’t the only ones attending the races. Inside the stadium was well filled. We headed back to roughly the same spot as last year and actually found ourselves behind the same four ADHD kids that stood before us last year.

The races are short and aplenty. A total of 24 races and each counting 3 rounds around the track. Few accidents this year and bar one all on the other side of the track.

I have upgraded my flash since last year (from a 420 to a 580), but the flash just wasn’t prepared for the cold. It couldn’t reload quickly enough to do a series of shots. Usually with these races my first shot is whilst still aiming and tracking so that the second shot is ‘the one’. But when the flash isn’t able to light the second shot, you’re in trouble… Still, I do believe I have a decent set of photos, but I can’t wait to go outside again for some dirt-bike racing.

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