Eurosonic – Nikoo, Curry & Coco and Francis International Airport

The musical start of the new year in the Netherlands happens in Groningen and living in Assen that means I’m just about on top of it. The past few years I’ve photographed there for FileUnder and have always thought it to be a fantastic event. So it was extremely hard to decline this year as I simply don’t dare to have my ears face that assault. It felt really bad, but I put my ears before fun. However, I was very happy to offer up my house as the base of operations for FileUnder once again.

I did not see much harm though in attending the extra evening -a kind of opening evening- on Wednesday January 12. A few locations, a few bands and not yet such a large audience (although the venue De Spiegel was loaded). Main man of FileUnder was to accompany me for the writing part and I’d shoot the pictures. We didn’t start off too well as his festival-pass had to be collected from the other side of town as to my stamp. We missed the first gig because of that :(

We did see Dutch Noiserock-band Nikoo. A great start of the evening, although the light in Shadrak immediately reminded me of the difficult situations I had there last year. All in all a great band and if they’re ever around to play in Vera, I’ll surely try and get a better set

(click image forĀ full set)

Next up was Curry & Coco. An odd name for a band, but it was a fun Erasure-like band. Energetic and the light in De Spiegel was great. Hard to move around, trying not to be in the line of sight for the audience with the stage only 10cm from the ground, but I did my best. Had fun though

(click image for full set)

Back to Shadrak then, to see Francis International Airport. The light was ghastly, hardly anything to work with and when it finally was switched on, the smoke-machine immediately flooded the stage blocking the band from sight. Musically I’m afraid not my cup-of-tea

(click image forĀ full set)