Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra in Vera

With all this Superbike stuff going on this weekend one would nearly forget that there are concerts to go to as well. And what a concert. Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra (also known as A Silver Mt Zion of Thee Silver Mt Zion, and sometimes with the Tralala Band, but not on this occasion) was a band I really wanted to see for some time now. Their albums are anything but easy listening music. It’s stuff you have to pay attention to. The gig was no different. With two violin players (violins connected to a vast amount of effects), a guitar player, double bass player and drummer and all of them taking vocal duties, they presented us with quite a sound.

It was mesmerizing and absolutely one to remember. The only thing that didn’t really work too well was the attempt to get into some kind of discussion with the audience. Created some funny moments, but I doubt that this was the idea behind it. Anyway, still got to hear some of the songs I have on vinyl live and that was well worth it

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