Joss Stone in De Oosterpoort

I could not believe my luck (or my eyes) last year when I was checking out the upcoming concert in the Oosterpoort venue in Groningen. Did they really mention Joss Stone? They did, even when I checked it again a few days later and again and again. And thanks to the wonderful people of the Oosterpoort I was also allowed to take some photos of Joss. Sometimes life’s just sweet :)

And so, on Tuesday March 9th I was at the Oosterpoort where it was already very busy (mail hall fully sold out) and could again not believe my luck that I made it so easily to the front of the stage. The venue filled out pretty quickly and not much later Dutch singer Jenny Lane, touring with her debut album. A lovely lively girl with great stage presence. Great opening act and I hope to catch her with a gig of her own sometime

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After a short break in which the stage was cleared of the instruments of Jenny’s band, the musicians of Joss Stone’s band entered the stage under great applause, but the full force of the audience was heard when Joss came onto the stage, smiling ear to ear. It took her a few seconds to get into the gig and then the gig truly started. Joss was wonderful, a fantastic voice and a lovely girl at that. After two songs and a sip of coffee she suddenly found the stage to be bombarded with stuffed animals big and small and a huge dog. She collected them all to form a second audience. The light at the concert was awesome, and I greatly enjoyed the gig. Joss Stone was fantastic

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