Ham Radio: Various artists in Vera

Ham Radio Communications is an independent platform for (inter)national indie and underground music. Last night they celebrated it’s second anniversary in Vera with six acts. I wasn’t able to see the last two bands as I had other plans for today, but I did see the first four and they were just great. I love indie acts, you just never know what your gonna get.

The evening started with Dutch Kim Janssen and his Major Cities Band, or at least part of that (the full band consists of about twenty friends providing orchestral and vocal backup, he had a few less with him now). Great Singer/Songwriter gig

[flickr]tag:KJGuch+kimjan060310@Klaas / KJGuch.com[/flickr]

A short stage set-up later Karl Blau from the USA took to the stage. A genuine one-man-band with a mix of folk, hip-hop, R&B, grunge and anything else this he could fit in. This was one odd concert, but greatly enjoyable

[flickr]tag:KJGuch+karlblau060310@Klaas / KJGuch.com[/flickr]

Cedarwell was up next, another American band and this time a duo (although it was a trio last night). A great pop-rock folky gig with an incredible vocal solo by the drummer. So good, he had to do it again. Really great fun this band

[flickr]tag:KJGuch+cedarwell060310@Klaas / KJGuch.com[/flickr]

The last band in the main hall was Dutch band We vs. Death. Last time I saw these guys (also in Vera) they were an instrumental indie rock band. However last year they released a new record and introduced vocals to the We vs. Death sound. The overall sound however is till very much like a soundtrack for travel. Terrific!

[flickr]tag:KJGuch+wvd060310@Klaas / KJGuch.com[/flickr]

After these gigs, the party continued in the below area with The Secret Love Parade and I Am oak, two Dutch bands, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to see those as well.