The return of the Leica

My Leica M6 set has returned to me. Cannot say how happy I am. The camera and lenses have had the full CLA treatment and all feels like a brand new camera.

The 35mm lens also had a little bit of fungus on the lens apparently but that has been removed and the growth stopped, so the images should look better too. Cannot wait to set of with the set now!

I would have liked to give it a good test before heading off to Barcelona, but I’d needed to have it returned last Friday/weekend so I’d have time to shoot a roll and have it developed. Unfortunately that didn’t happen so a full analog test is not going to be possible now, but I’ll at least test the lenses on my Fuji X-Pro1. Mostly curious to the results on the Leica M6 though.

Thanks to Will van Manen for taking care of my baby :)

Leica maintenance

The Leica is still out for maintenance, but according to an update I received today they’re working on it now.

Apparently the individual parts haven’t been serviced ever or at least not in a very, very long time, so it is more then necessary. As I suspected the rangefinder is off a bit, but also the camera’s slower shutterspeeds needed seeing too and then there are some more things. All part of a CLA (Clean/Lube/Adjust, neat term for a full service).

Both the 35mm and the 50mm lens need a CLA too to align, clean and tighten all parts and have the whole set running nicely again. It’s also going to cost more than a bit, but at least it should all work next to perfect again then. Seeing as I’d really like a good working analog set, I’ve given the go-ahead and hope to have a fully serviced camera in a few days time.

Hopefully the next update will feature the camera’s return :)

(The 90mm is not in maintenance, there is a thing as too much of a good thing)