Leica M6 set

It’s a bit of a painful decision, but sometimes the mind has to take charge over the heart and as much as I love my Leica set, I have to come to the honest conclusion that it will not bring me what I had so fiercely hoped. What with the X-Pro set now completely filling my needs the Leica M6 was a wish I had for many years, mostly when I was mainly shooting the heavy Canon set. So now that I finally have my wish: a gorgeous and recently CLA’d Leica set, I find that I only bring and shoot it as an afterthought and therefore -with pain in my heart and a tear or two in my eyes- I have sadly decided to sell of the Leica set. I’ll shoot photos of the individual parts in the next few days and see where it will get me.

The opening of ‘New Wild’ in Groningen

I was invited some time ago to visit the opening of the new Groninger Museum exposition ‘Nieuwe Wilden’ (or ‘New Wild’ in English): the German art form that started in the early 80’s and had a strong connection to the then emerging musical punk-scene. It was my very first ever invitation to an opening of an exposition and I do love to experience some new things every so often…

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The Mississippi Kings on Kingsday in Assen

When it comes to music Assen and Drenthe are almost synonymous to Blues. On big eventsĀ her in Assen there’s a really good chance you’ll find a bluesband or two playing on a stage. And so yesterday, while we celebrated the Kings Birthday, we had live music on various stages and on one stage nested between terraces and restaurants the Mississippi Kings did their thing.

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House of Cosy Cushions

In all my years of photographing concerts I have never erroneously formatted a card and delete all my work… Until now that is and I was horrified to find out. It took me several days and a lot of work, but I finally managed to retrieve nearly all the photos and so I’m happy to finally present: House of Cosy Cusions.

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Tourist in my own country

Instead of going to Barcelona again in April I had Monica over here for a few days. Weather-predictions warned for rain and cold weather and seeing that April usually has no idea what it wants, I had Monica at least prepareĀ for some cold rainy days.

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